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Fowler & Grant Engineering, Inc. has completed numerous projects involving electrical and control system design.  Below are some samples of these projects.
Para-Chem, Simpsonville, SC - Performed Arc Flash Hazard Analysis for site using EasyPower Power System Software.  Study included seven electrical services.  Gathered field data, performed short-circuit analysis and Arc Flash calculations, provided Protective Device Coordination curves with recommendations, assisted with Arc Flash labeling, updated plant electrical drawings, and provided recommendations for electrical system improvements.
Michelin Tire Corporation, Carolina Engineering Solutions, Norwood, NC - Provided control panel design for utilities PLC control system.
GE Power Systems, Carolina Engineering Solutions, Greenville, SC - Provided Process and Instrumentation Diagram, instrument specifications, control panel design, and control system sequence of operations for a new Tank Farm.
Clear Path Recycling, Fayetteville, NC - Provided electrical design, drawings, and on-site coordination for a new PET Recycling facility.  Developed electrical drawing package for new Substations, Motor Control Centers, and Panelboards.  Provided control system design, programming, and startup assistance for Wastewater Pretreatment System utilizing Siemens PLC and Wonderware HMI system.
Shaw Industries, Irmo, SC - Provided electrical design and coordination for installation of a new Nylon Chip process. Process consisted of equipment from several international vendors. Developed electrical drawings for installation of two Motor Control Centers which supplied power to all vendor equipment and building lighting and utilities. Reviewed vendor-supplied drawings and developed drawings to integrate equipment from different vendors into one process. Provided control system design to modify existing chip storage area controls to process chips from new Nylon Chip process. Modified existing Square D PLC programs and Wonderware InTouch HMI screens.
ISO Poly Films, Gray Court, SC - Performed site investigations and developed new electrical distribution drawings and equipment numbering convention for all existing electrical equipment.  Provided a Load Study to determine capacity for future expansions.
Glo-tex International, Spartanburg, SC – Provided electrical and control system design for plant rebuild after fire destroyed most of manufacturing facility. Redesigned power distribution system for entire plant which included one switchboard, two Motor Control Centers, various power and lighting panels for manufacturing, waste treatment, warehouse, and office space. Designed new controls for manufacturing area which included two fully automated reactor systems, eight automated mix tanks, 17 bulk storage tanks, and the associated utilities. Control system consisted of two Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC systems with FlexEX I/O modules, Wonderware InBatch batch management system, Wonderware Intouch HMI systems, Wonderware InSQL Historian, and Allen-Bradley AC Variable Frequency drive systems. Provided electrical and control system documentation. Provided assistance with system checkout, startup, and operator training.
Para-Chem, Simpsonville, SC – Provided electrical and control system design and instrument specifications for the installation of a new Gas Conditioning System and two Thermal Oxidizers. Developed P&ID’s, PLC I/O drawings, panel layout drawings, and electrical elementary drawings. Modified Wonderware InBatch batch management software and Wonderware InTouch HMI application. Developed GE 90-30 PLC program. Provided startup assistance. Conducted training for operators and supervisors.
Jarden Applied Materials, Columbia, SC – Provided electrical and control system design to upgrade the control system for one Nylon Extrusion Line. Upgrades included one new Allen-Bradley PLC-5 PLC, one new Wonderware InTouch HMI station, and four new Allen-Bradley Powerflex inverter drives. Developed equipment lists, PLC I/O drawings, Drive Elementary drawings, one new PLC program, and one new HMI application. Assisted with on-site checkout and startup.
Honeywell, Inc., Irmo, SC - Upgraded control systems on Fiber Bale Presses.  Developed Sequential Function charts used for program development.  Incorporated Sequential Function Chart information into Operator Interface to aid in troubleshooting.  Developed Square D and GE 90-30 PLC programs and interfaced PLC to Barcode printer.
Eaton Corporation, Greenwood, SC - Designed and built an enclosure leak testing device. This device automatically pressurizes the enclosure and monitors changes in pressure and temperature to test for leaks. Data is collected during each test and stored for future reference. Device controls consists of one PLC Direct PLC and one PLC Direct Operator Interface.
Blackman Uhler Chemical, Spartanburg, SC - Provided electrical and control system design to monitor six reactor systems including two bulk storage tanks, a chilled water system, a steam system, and a hot oil system. Control system included one Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC. Developed P&ID’s, equipment list, panel layout drawings, and PLC I/O drawings. Developed a new PLC program and added screens to an existing Wonderware InTouch HMI application.
Tiarco Chemical, Greenville, SC - Provided electrical and control system design to automate five reactor systems including seven tanks in a bulk storage tank farm, a chilled water system, a cooling tower water system, and a hot oil system. Control system included one Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC and nine remote Flex I/O panels. Developed panel layout drawings, PLC I/O drawings, and ControlNet network drawings. Configured PLC and developed a PanelView application to monitor I/O points. Provided RSLogix and RSView training for plant engineering personnel.
Para-Chem, Simpsonville, SC - Provided electrical design and equipment specifications for the installation of an 1800 KW electric steam boiler. Installation required a new electrical service with a 3000 amp switchboard. Developed electrical and control panel drawings. Interfaced to utility-supplied control panel to enable operation only when more economical than existing gas-powered boiler.
Baxter Healthcare, Marion, NC - Assisted with the automation of Flush and Sanitization cycles for several Distilled Water system loops. Modified Allen-Bradley PLC-5 programs and Wonderware InTouch HMI application. Provided on-site assistance during validation and startup.
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